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    Good Time to Push Intelligent Connected Vehicle

    On the 17th June, 2020, Jiangsu Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry Innovation and Development Conference and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Standardization Committee Founding Conference was successfully held in High-Speed Rail New Town, which was jointly sponsored by Jiangsu Vehicle Industry Office, Suzhou Industrial and Informatization Bureau, Suzhou Xiangcheng District Peoples Government and Jiangsu Industry Innovation Alliance for the Intelligent and connected Vehicles. 


    The presence of the conference includes Lu zaigui, Deputy Director of Jiangsu National Defense Science and Industry Office, Yu Chunjun, Deputy Head of the Institute of Traffic Management Science of the Ministry of Public Security, Ye Xujiang, investigator of Talent Department of Organization Department of Jiangsu Committee, Tang Nioming, Director of Standardization Department of Jiangsu Market Supervision and Management Bureau, Jiang Hua, Deputy Secretary-General of Suzhou Municipal Peoples Government, Cai Jianfeng, Director of Suzhou Industrial and Informatization Bureau, Sun Hong, Deputy Director of Suzhou Industrial and Informatization Bureau, Wang Yan, Deputy Director of Suzhou Market Supervision and Management Bureau, Gu Haidong, Secretary of the CPC Xiangcheng District Committee, Su Xueqing, Standing Member OF CPC Xiangcheng District Committee and Secretary of the CPC Working Committee of the High-speed Railway New Town, Cao Yan, Deputy Head of Xiangcheng District Government and Head of the Science and Technology Town Headquarters, Fang Wei, Secretary-General of Jiangsu Artificial Intelligence Society; Yin Guodong, Vice Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering, Southeast University; Qi Yong, Dean of School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronics, Nanjing University of Science and Technology; Zheng Sifa, Vice Dean of Suzhou Automotive Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Dai Yifan, Director of Intelligent Connecteding Center, Suzhou Automotive Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Cao Xudong, CEO of Momenta Technology Co., Ltd., Hua Guodong, President of Zhixing Future (Suzhou) Internet of Vehicle Industry Research Institute.


    The conference was chaired by Ji Jing, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Xiangcheng District Committee and the Acting Head of Xiangcheng District People's Government. The agenda included ten segments with speech address, official remark of approval document for the establishment of the Jiangsu Intelligent Connected Vehicle Standardization Committee, awarding ceremony, etc.


    The successful holding of the Conference is beneficial to promoting cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry as well as the standardization of the industry. Furthermore, it helps to gather innovative elements, strengthen industrial clusters and create more opportunities for Xiangcheng District. All of these will promote the highquality development of Xiangcheng economic society.


    SuzhouMICE guaranteed the success of this conference with professional ability, meticulous working and advanced service awareness.