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    Industrial Internet in Suzhou

    On the 24th June, Suzhou Industrial Internet Promotion Conference was successfully held in Suzhou International Expo Center. Lan Shaomin, Standing Member of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee, Li Yaping, Deputy Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Mayor of Suzhou Municipal Peopleí»s Government, and other leaders from the CPC Municipal Party Committee and City Government attended the conference.


    There are six agendas in the conference, including work report, speech presentation, news release, cooperation signing ceremony and speech by Lan. After the main conference, the first Suzhou Summit of the National Industrial Internet Alliance was held separately.

    The conference was chaired by Mayor Li. Cai Jianfeng, Director of Suzhou Industry and Informatization Bureau, gave a presentation about the status of industrial Internet in Suzhou. Gu Haidong, Secretary of CPC Xiangcheng District Committee of Suzhou, Ding Lixin, Director of Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee and part of enterprises representatives shared their experiences. Yu Xiaohui, Vice President of China Academy of Information and Communication and Wu Hequan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, also made a wonderful speech via videos.


    The conference also released Top Ten Innovation Platforms, Top Ten Best Practices List, Suzhou 5G Construction Planning Map and the boutique route of Suzhou Industrial Internet learning and exchange.


    During the conference, signing ceremony was also held. Hu Xuetong, Deputy Director of Industry and Informatization Department of Jiangsu issued the certificate for the delegations who won the title of í░Internet + Advancedí▒ Manufacturing Cultivation Base and í░Internet + Advancedí▒ Manufacturing Base. After that, Lan launched the first institutes who got the identity of Industrial Internet logo.


    In the conference, Secretary Lan delivered an important speech and made a detailed work plan. He fully affirmed the achievements of Industrial Internet development in recent years in Suzhou, profoundly expounded the important significance of developing Industrial Internet and deployed the related key tasks. Furthermore, he stressed that we should expand the Industrial Internet as a new blue ocean, seize the opportunity and master the marrow of Industrial Internet. With that, we can fully release the "network effect" of Industrial Internet which will accelerate the "Matthew Effect" and "Substitution Effect" of the industry.


    At the end, Mayor Li pointed out that we are in a period of great strategic opportunities for the Industrial Internet. He emphasized that we should seize the chance and take active and innovative actions with greater determination, strength and practical measures. "Industrial Internet in Suzhou" will become a golden brand for Suzhou City.